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[CRACKFIC] cabin pressure


cabin pressure (read on AO3!)

Sunlight is streaming in the spaces in between Rin’s silhouette and the doorframe, and with that and the too-wide grin on Rin’s face everything just seems too glaringly bright to be real.

Haru wordlessly swears that if this is what a hangover feels like, he’s never ever going to drink a drop of anything alcoholic in his life.

(Crack!fic - Haru and Rin go to the airport.)

Happy Water Day, everyone.

Just in case you’d ever think otherwise - this fic makes exactly 0% sense.

Click the link above to read this trainwreck on AO3, or go under the cut.

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"you’ll understand when you’re older"

i am older and i understand absolutely nothing

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200+ HQ Vocaloid songs!



Yes, you read that right. I have uploaded 212(at present) high quality Vocaloid songs from my collection to share with the fandom! (Though rest assured that isn’t even close to my entire collection.)

Since the unexpected loss of nicosound, I know it’s going to be a lot harder…

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bet u $5 that the person u see in haru’s eye in the opening turns out to be himself



I can’t handle this anymore


M: It’s such a cold day, I want to warm up in a kotatsu… Ugh~ s-so cold,.. it’s so cold… the wind feels so cold, my ears hurt… Haru, it seems like today is supposed to be the coldest winter day yet.

H: Is that so.

M: I’ve always wondered, doesn’t Haru feel cold wearing so little?

H: It’s no problem.

M: I feel cold just looking at you! Haa, it’s been so unbearably cold since I woke up this morning, I’m wearing extra layers beneath my coat today.

H: Aren’t you wearing too many today? You look bigger than usual.

M: Eh? Is it really that much? Is it weird..?

H: Ignore that for now and let’s go. Or we won’t we able to board the train.

M: Eh? Wait, Haruuuu!!

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please forgive any inaccuracies in translation ><”

note: this is just a short clip (i think the actual track is supposed to be 8min long) idk if the rest is available somewhere…

Makoto’s voice is so moe(人´∀`*)~♥




People have written a lot of touchy-feely pieces on this subject but I thought I’d get right to the heart of the matter

Huh.  Never seen it put that way.

Maybe I should hang this on my wall or something?

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My experience with Free! today… and the past few weeks, I guess.

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if and when Rin and Haru actually go to Australia together,
Sousuke’s theme will be THAT SHOULD BE ME



watching free! eternal summer episode 11 more likeimage 

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I needed to get this out of my system before anything else. They should all just cuddle imo.


Think about this:


Free! is like a long distance relationship with KyoAni. Waiting each Wednesday for new episodes is like receiving gifts. Sometimes they give us what we want, other times we get mad and cry because it’s too much or simply ask, “Why?” We spend time drowning in feels until the next episode and we…



Akaba Ritsu (赤羽 律)  as Makoto

七瀬 遥 -浅葉みぼ

photo -のりおさん